A good sport Doctor and Physio (Physiotherapist) in Shiga Japan next to Kyoto!

In Japan it is hard to find good sports Doctors and Physio. The country is full of useless 整骨院. No doctor I have ever spoken to them has recommended them. Many recreational athletes go to them for maintenance- which means a cheap massage, possible light stretching and some taping.

I have pulled my hamstring and have had an inflamed Achilles tendon- after trying many useless 整骨院 for my Achilles. Please come here everyday for 2 weeks and you`ll be fine. (I thought that they were trained medical staff, seeing as you can use your national health insurance- they are not trained medical staff.) I have tried 6 different 整骨院 and they all sucked! I went to one, once a week for a few months as it was a small clinic and never busy – the owner would take me thru a PNF stretching routine at no extra cost!

I spoke to a school PE teacher and he recommended  Aso Clinic in Shiga. I have been for two separate injuries and both times it has helped. Whilst they are not as good as physiotherapists (Physio) I have been to Australia they are still very good and I recommend them.

The lead Doctor is an ex rugby player and understands about return to play – returning to your hobby. Which is very important.,

The doctor and physios speak some English. I have used Japanese both times.

What happens- you go in speak to the Doctor, he asses you. He sends you up stairs (there is a lift) to speak to the physios and trainers. You see the physios for a few weeks then the doctor will asses you again. Doctor will also give a rough timeline for the injury. The physios and trainers will give you exercises to do at home.
If you have national health insurance the whole thing is very cheap.

If you have a different point of view or would like to continue the rant, please comment below.

P.S Picture is of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4.